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Obesity and being overweight are known risk factors for rheumatoid arthritis. For arthritis patients generally calorie burning is difficult task due to less physical activity caused due to stiffness and joint pain and swelling. As we know weight gain for obesity is associated with Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac disease also in RA patients it will lead to joint pain, inflammation, Osteoporosis.

That's why it is not only important to lose weight for arthritis patients but also it will improve one's
mental health movements and feel-good factor.

Few dietary mantras to control weight gain are.

1) Add more soluble and insoluble fiber in daily intake. You will get that from whole grains, vegetables, fruits, sprouts. It will give more satiety as well as it will help patients to maintain their sugar for long.

2) Avoid processed food and preservative rich foods like sauce, pickles, dressings.

3) Minimize excess sugar intake which is present in bakery products biscuits, ketchups, jam etc. Instead of sugar choose jaggery, dry dates powders, maple syrup.

4) Minimize salt in daily intake. Avoid foods like dressing, biscuits, sauses, pickles, papad.

5) Choose good fats which have anti inflammatory properties like, almond, flaxseeds, fish, pumpkin seeds.

6) Have at least two raw portions of variety of vegetables which will make body more alkaline and will reduce inflammation and will boost fat loss. Instead of juice formation chew vegetables.

7) Have local and seasonal two fruits intake to meet daily fiber and vitamin need.

8) Use portion control method to control excessive calorie intake.

9) Avoid alcohol intake, not only to control calories as well as to maintain blood sugar levels.

10) Hydrate yourself well. Add more of soups, broth, coconut water, buttermilk to daily meal plan to meet required nutrient requirement.

Mindfulness and mindful eating. These two are going to influence healthy body. Daily an hour of exercise will help to burn excessive fat as well to boost happy hormones. Ultimately when body mind and soul are synced together it will lead to good pain free happy lifestyle.