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Dr.Solomon Khurane


It's never too late to start a bone-healthy exercise program, even if you already have osteoporosis.

People may worry that being active means they're more likely to fall and break a bone. A regular, properly designed exercise program may actually help prevent falls and fractures.  That's because exercise strengthens bones and muscles and improves balance, coordination, and flexibility. That's key for people with osteoporosis.

Before you start exercising it is important to check safe and important exercises with a physiotherapist. There is no single exercise programme for everyone,so it is important to choose exercise depending on your:

-Physical activity, fitness, muscle strength, Range of motion.

A Physiotherapist will decide exercises depending on your health problems such as Heart disease, Obesity, Blood pressure.


Nonimpact exercises-

Your joints don’t bear any weight on it. They mainly aim on increasing your flexibility,joint stability,balance. These are done in sleeping and sitting positions.

Weight bearing exercises-

Definitely not lifting weights, these exercises are using own body weight for exercise like walking, stair climbing, stand to sit.


Lifestyle Modification

From a young age, both men and women can take steps to prevent osteoporosis by following below guidelines.

• Have a healthy and varied diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

• Eat calcium rich food

• Absorb enough vitamin D

• Avoid smoking

• Limit alcohol consumption

• Limit caffeine

• Regular exercises