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A Strange Story....

'READING' My Remedy for Pain.

Deepawali is our most important celebration of the year. Everyone celebrates it with family and friends. Winter starts and the weather is also good. In 2011, just after Diwali one fine morning I was in balcony after taking bath with my towel, drying my head. It's my usual practice. I turned around and stepped in the hall.

My foot was on the carpet I remember and suddenly I was flat on the floor! All this happened in a fraction of a second. The pain was so severe that I could not control my shouting. My daughter-in-law and the maid servant came running and called for more help to pick me up. I was perspiring like anything and gulped down a glass of water. Within half an hour my son and family doctor came. The portable X-ray machine was brought and I had a Fracture in the lap. Immediately ambulance was called and I was admitted to the hospital. Once again I had to undergo X-ray, pathological tests, BP etc. On 1st November 2011 I was operated with a rod inside.

I was in ICU. Inspit of heavy pain killing dose from saline the pain was too much to bare. I thought of diverting my mind from the severe pain to 'reading', my pleasure! I told my son to get 'वपुर्झा' from my cupboard and started reading it. My dear friends, you won't believe me but it worked! My pain was reduced. Doctor was surprised to know this and encouraged me to continue. Actually speaking, I am not only fond of reading but addicted it! For 2/3 days I could not read anything due to all this mess. So it was a starvation for me and I read like a hungry man. I was in the hospital for a week and read पुल, वपु, अत्रे, मधु मंगेश कर्णिक, that time famous Taslima Nasrin, Amruta Pritam, ना स इनामदार etc.

Literally I was in company of these great and famous writers and was so much engrossed that they elevated my pain, I am sure! After coming home, regular medicine, recommended exercise, walk with walker in morning sunlight and very loving care from my family, I recovered fast. It took 4/5 months to get complete recovery. 

Now I remember that before this accident, say about 2/3 months back, my left leg suddenly started paining in very odd way. It was difficult to stand even for some time. It was a signel which I couldn't understand. If I could pay more attention to the signal and could go to doctor in time, I could have avoided this surgery. So my dear friends, please listen to your body signs and please take care of yourself in time! 

Raghunath Mhasitkar