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Actually, all the joints are important and still Hip joint and Knee joint are more important since they have to bear the whole weight of the body. Hip joint gets affected and inactive by many reasons like accident, Osteoporosis and old age.

Wear and tear is of course more for the joint which is used more, we know very well.

My hip replacement had to be done because I met with an accident in 1998. There was a crack at socket joint and I was around 50 years old. The surgeon decided to fix it with screw and surgery was done. My complete leg was in plaster for one month. In the same condition I appeared for masters examination of fine art and secured 1st class! I was in wheel chair for some days and then started walking with walker. I started going to school since I am a teacher. We all were happy since I started walking again. When I was using a walker I used to take my classes at ground floor but when I started walking normal I had to climb up to third floor. This was very stressful and the screws were loosened inside. One year after the operation they were removed and still I could walk and I did not mind. A lady always have to deal with different tasks and bear various responsibilities. It was a difficult circus for me and the hip joint started painting. I used to bend in my weast a little and managed to walk. After some days I was walking like my grandmother who was pretty old. I need not tell you about the PAIN since we all know it very well. I completed the academic year and for the third time I had to undergo the Total Hip Replacement surgery. Doctor said I suffer from Necrosis, that means, the part gets worn out. My leg became short for 1 to 1. 5".

This total hip replacement is successful and for the last 20-22 years I can walk alright. I think it is my rebirth and I am very happy. In the last 20-22 years modern operating systems are designed and developed. Recovery also is fast now.

My dear friends, the most important thing is that please listen to doctor and without hesitation and fear get the surgery done in time. Get the physiotherapy, do all the exercises regularly and BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY!

Om Sai