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We all know that for last one and a half years Covid 19 is spreading like a monster.
Lockdown was extended many times, and everybody was confined at home. Then technology came as an aid in the form of WEBINAR for all. MAI decided to go hand in hand with the technology. We got a solid helping hand from ipca laboratories which is a great technical help. Now MAI has a key to Alibabas Treasure, WEBINAR.
In normal course MAI arranges National Convention in March, AGM in September and World Arthritis Day celebration in October. With the help of modern technology MAI is arranging Webinars on various topics and invites several medical experts. Thus, we all are pulled out of the lockdown depression. Here is the scenario of all webinars.

1. Arthritis in Covid times -
DR Arvind Chopra spoke about medical facts of Covid mutants in the virus and precautions to be taken by arthritis patients.

2. Post lockdown Arthritis care -
Building immunity and enjoying life.
Though everyone thought that the first wave of Covid is coming to an end to was necessary to avoid complications and take proper care.
Second wave was expected and so building immunity was important. Dr Arvind Chopra and Dr Girish Tillu gave useful tips about it. Both of them pointed out that by observing certain rules and enjoying life will make us stronger to fight the disease.

3. Mind and Arthritis -
An approach to increase mental strength for better living with Arthritis. Dr Arvind Chopra and Dr Vivek Billampally advised to gain mental strength since it is an important aspect to
overcome the painful situation.

4. RheumatoidArthritis, not just joint pain -
Dr Arvind Chopra with his young colleagues Dr Rahul Patil, Dr Hardik Rathod and Dr Kiran Adam helped all RA patients to understand the disease and treatment etc.

5. So much more to Rheumatoid Arthritis -
MAI medical Advisor Dr Arvind Chopra and MAI Trustee Dr Lata Bichile, a well known
Rheumatologist from Mumbai spoke about RA and changes in lifestyle. They told to accept the facts of autoimmune disease and gave useful tips to deal with RA.

6. World Arthritis Day  -
Last year we celebrated World Arthritis Day virtually. Our mentors Dr Arvind Chopra, Dr Mahendranath, Dr Lata Bichile and Dr Kiran Seth supported MAI members in the pandemic situation. All of them gave very good advice to deal in Covid period.7 .. . Arthritis Medicine.

7. Arthritis Medicine -
RA patients should understand importance of taking medicine regularly to control the disease. Side effects and new medicines were highlighted by Dr Arvind Chopra. Dr Rahul Patil, Dr Hardik Rathod and Dr Kiran Adam explained everything in detail which helped us to overcome confusion.

8. Understanding Osteoporosis -
Osteoporosis has become a common problem in our society. MAI Trustee Dr Ajit Damle
and Rheumatologist Dr Pravin Patil explained how to avoid it and how to take care of yourself if you have it.

9. Rheumatoid Hands -
Usually, palms shape changes in RA patients. As the disease advances, these deformities take place. Naturally there are limitations to do even small things. Dr Rahul Patil, Dr Warid Altaf, Dr Jaspreet Talwar, Dr Parag Sancheti and Dr Arvind Chopra explained how the deformity forms, how exercise can prevent further deterioration, physiotherapy and correction surgery also.

10. International Women s Day -
Women and Arthritis - More than men, women are victims of Arthritis. On this occasion MAI invited women Rheumatologists, thinking that they will understand womens problems more sympathetically. Dr Lata Bichile, Dr Vaijayanti Lagu-Joshi, Dr Kavita Krishnan, Dr Vinaya Kunjir, Dr Varsha Bhat and Dr Gayatri Ekbote chose various topics, and the session was very informative and interesting.

11. Neck and Back Pain -
Spine Disorder Now a days almost every alternate person suffers from neck and back pain. Arthritis patients also experience the same problem. Dr Parag Sancheti, Dr Kiran Seth and Dr Arvind Chopra explained causes for the pain, precautions to be taken, treatment and surgery.

12. Foot and Ankle in Rheumatoid Arthritis -
Like hands foot and ankle deformity is common in RA patients. Dr Arvind Chopra and Dr Parag Sancheti as expert doctors and Dr Hardik Rathod Dr Milind Gajewar and Dr Bhakti Jamdade helped us to understand the problem. Dr Milind Gjewar explained about surgery and Dr Bhakti Jamdade about pre- and post-surgery accessories used for the problems.

13. Skin and Arthritis -
One might think, what is the connection between skin and arthritis? Dr Ajay Deshpande explained the connection and treatment available for the same.

14. Dental care and Arthritis -
Like skin we can not imagine connection between teeth and Arthritis. Dr Meheriar Chopra and Dr Arvind Chopra made the patients aware of dental care, precautions and treatment.

15. Digestive Issues in Arthritis -
99% patients of Arthritis patients complain about digestive problem symptoms. Gastroenterologist Dr Sheetal Mahajani, Dr Arvind Chopra and Dr ShiIpa Thorat explained problems at length. They talked about medication, diet changes and exercise.

16. Heart and Arthritis -
Arthritis does affect heart. Dr Sanat Phatak, a Rheumatologist explained how arthritis affects heart. Dr Priya Palimkar a Cardiologist explained heart problem in general and how arthritis affects it. Dr Arvind Chopra and Dr Sanat Phatak answered queries of patients.
For the last so many months MAI is arranging Webinars on various topics related to arthritis. All the Webinars are very informative for patients and their families. These lectures cleared lots of misconception and made aware of other problems related to arthritis. MAI invited expert doctors from Pune and other places. Dr Parag Sancheti is now linked with MAI and so one more mentor is added to MAI. I am sure that all the Webinars is a treasure of information to MAI members. The treasure will go on increasing definitely in future.

Thank you!